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Vacation in Charleston

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

“I Am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.” Isaiah 60:22

The Heat of a Missionary

She resigned?!?.... Had I just heard Sandy right? Immediately my heart started racing and I tried desperately to focus on the words coming through the phone as a million thoughts were spinning in my brain. Moments later I hung up, still not entirely sure I had heard everything Sandy said. I was stuck on that one piece of news. “What in the world Lord?!? What the heck is going on?!? And why am I so excited? How heartless am I? She was supposed to be Sandy’s right hand… and if you ever opened the door again for me to work at Remember Nhu, we were supposed to serve as the three musketeers… saving kids and kicking butt one New Life Camp at a time. What happens now? I want to cry!! Does this mean her job is open? Am I finally going to get my chance?! How can I be so disappointed and so excited at the same time?!?!”

The week leading up to my birthday looked something like a plot straight out of a Hallmark Hall of Fame playbook. Girl has the perfect job, perfect plan, and seemingly perfect life. As she is returning to her home town for a much needed vacation, she finds out her first love from back in the day is single setting off a chain of sweet comical surprises. Will she make the safe decision or follow her heart? Join us in a week to find out… The story even had the perfect set located in Charleston, South Carolina. After a few pep talks from friends and LOTS of prayer, I found peace in the decision to trust God, enjoy my vacation, and let Sandy take the lead in any further conversations on the topic. Ha Ha Ha… Little did I know then I wouldn’t have to wait very long! 20 minutes into the trip she opened the discussion, and what followed the next four days was nothing short of a God story! As we visited, talked, and shared our hearts, the elephant in the room vanished and the Holy Spirit rushed in to fill the space. We were able to share all the emotions that had transpired in our hearts over the last year as we had both sought the Lord for answers after last summer's Kenya trip. God was glorified, and we parted ways refreshed and excited for the Lord to start opening doors again. Little did we both know, it was about to happen a lot sooner than we realized... until she called me the next day! Isn’t God’s timing so funny though? Sometimes it feels like he waits until the very second you submit and say “Ok God, I will let go of my own desires and follow your steps,” and then two seconds later… SNAP! “Here is what you always wanted!” Whoever said God didn’t have a sense of humor didn’t know what they were talking about! But isn’t that what his word says? Proverbs 37;4, a verse many are familiar with, says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Everybody knows the part about him giving us the desires of our heart, but how many times do we glance over the first part of that verse?? When we delight ourselves in the Lord, in other words, when we focus on his word and start to mirror our lives to what it says, like magic, our desires change. Our desires start to look a lot more like what he desires, and so of course he grants them! And he often grants them quickly too!!

Coco’s Commentary

WOW!!! Ok, secrets out, and I can’t contain it anymore!!! Just a few short weeks after the awesome story Michelle just told us, she has been granted official Remember Nhu Volunteer status, with the understanding that once she is fully funded, she will be brought on as a full time staff member! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! Michelle will be working with our dear friend Sandy Bryan, Director of Spiritual Development and our favorite travel buddy! (Shhhh don’t tell our other friends!) We are so excited about this transition, but it is going to take some time, LOTS of prayer, and help from you, our dear friends and partners! Please continue to pray for the requests below, and if the Lord moves your heart, please consider clicking the donate button at the top of the screen which will take you directly to Remember Nhu’s secure online giving sight. The sooner we reach our goal, the faster this process goes! We can’t do it without you! May the Lord fulfill his plan and may he bless you for your part in it! Au Revoir!


Prayer Pit Spot

  • For funding for Michelle as she transitions to a full time Remember Nhu Staff member.

  • For Sandy and Michelle as they begin a more formal working relationship. May the Lord bless the work of their hands and grow their ministry to bring more children into the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  • For wisdom as Michelle balances her full time work at Youth For Christ and her work with Remember Nhu during this transition. May both ministries benefit from her work and heart to see the next generation of children build personal, real relationships with Jesus.

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